Beware of Wolves in Sheep Skins: ARTUZ


Teacher representatives have not met government in the recent past. We understand government is trying to resuscitate the moribund and illegal Apex council as a way of avoiding genuine dialogue with Unions.

Be rest assured that whatever outcome is produced at either National Joint Negotiating Council, NJNC or Tripartite Negotiating Forum, TNF is not binding for us. We wont be bound by an agreement which was made without us.

We are aware that Cecilia Alexander and her clique have turned themselves into negotiations entrepreneurs. Whenever we turn the heat against employer Cecilia and her cabal, show up unashamedly pretending to represent us. They live off the bribes of selling out the Teachers’ struggle.

Teacher Unions have carved a united front for engaging employer as an independent sector. We will not allow the usual band of mercenaries to reverse the gains of our concerted struggle. We are aware of some government-sponsored yellow teacher Unions who continue to give Apex legs during the night. These yellow Unions pretend to be genuinely representing teachers but they Nicodemously dine with the Wolves at Apex. We wont name the yellow Unions now, but they will soon expose themselves. When they get exposed lets reject them and banish them from our sector.

Who gave them the mandate to engage on our behalf?

We remain incapacitated until we earn USD520. Lets march on. We will soon be escalating the fight if government remains unresponsive.

Down with Apex Council Down!

Abasha mercenaries Abasha!

Forward incapacitation Forward!

Forward USD 520 Forward!

Comradely Obert Masaraure.

23 October 2020

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