Buhera Teacher Sues Deputy Head’s Wife For False Adultery Charges

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A teacher from Matsveru Primary School in Machingura Village under Chief Makumbe, Buhera is claiming $4 000 in defamation damages from her deputy head’s wife who accused her of seeing her husband.

Yamurai Muzire’s claim is before Magistrate Gylmax Kuhudzai and she is accusing Petronella Chirambwi who resides at Chikumbirike Village under Chief Musarurwa in Chivhu of soiling her name by accusing her of having an affair with Lazarus Chirambwi.
Chirambwi is a deputy head at Matsveru Primary.

Muzire said in her papers that $2000 is for the humiliation, discomfort, pain and suffering and the other $2000 is for tarnishing her and loss of respect, dignity and trust.
She says that Chirambwi started accusing her of adultery in 2007 and the matter was heard before African Apostolic Church leaders since they are both members of the same church.
The defendant then apologised to Muzire because she had no evidence that the two were having an affair.

In 2011, Chirambwi revived her allegations again and the matter was reported to the church Bishop in Chivhu who happens to be Chirambwi’s brother. Muzire was ordered to stop donning church regalia on allegations that she was destroying Chirambwi’s marriage.
In August 2018 Chirambwi claimed to have seen Muzire’s messages in her husband’s phone and she allegedly started spreading word around again that the latter was seeing her husband and this damaged her image.

Muzire argued in court that Chirambwi should, if she has evidence, claim adultery damages in court because she had been making the claims since 2007.
Chirambwi said she suspected that Muzire was having an affair with her husband because he gave her some eggs, maize seed and maheu drink.

She also said that there was a prophecy at the church that Muzire was involved with a married man and although the name of the man was not mentioned, she suspected that it was her husband.
—Masvingo Mirror

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