Guruve School Wins Grand Prize In Agribank Competition


“I am feeling ecstatic!”… Masimba Maswera, the deputy headmaster of Chifamba High School, poses for a photograph with the Grand Tiger single cab grand prize that his school won.

The Agribank Schools Deposit Competition national draw that was held in Harare on June 14 saw Chifamba High School of Guruve winning the grand prize of a Grand Tiger single cab vehicle, while Norton 1 Primary School and Mtombowesizwe Primary School from Bulawayo were the first and second runners up, walking away with prize money of $50 000 and $25 000 respectively.

Cheziya High School of Gokwe won the fourth prize for being the highest depositor as a result of the school’s maintenance of a minimum balance of $500 000 for the duration of the competition.

Baines Infant School, Chibuwe High School, Marymount Mission, St Lukes Jemedza, Norton 2 Primary School, Wise Owl, Mount Sunset primary school and Mtshabezi High School all managed to walk away with $2000 each as consolation prices.

Agribank’s Schools Deposit Competition is meant to increase deposits and since 2017 the bank has managed to grow its bank deposits by 35 percent to $6,2 million from $4,6 million in 2016. The financial institution has since set a target to increase school deposits by more than 40 percent annually from 2019 going forward.

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