Namibia Recruiting Nearly 500 Teachers

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The Namibian government, which pays teachers as high as N$21 000 (US$1300) per month, says it is recruiting nearly 500 new teachers, The Namibia reports.

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has identified 488 teaching posts for unemployed, qualified teachers in the country.

The majority is in junior teaching.

Minister of education, arts and culture Anna Nghipondoka last week said in an effort to improve the use of resources, an internal audit was conducted to establish the magnitude of under or over-staffing at schools.

This exercise revealed that in terms of current filled and unfilled positions, only 168 are eligible for advertisements.

“Recognising that the majority of unemployed teachers are qualified in the area of junior primary, the ministry has identified the need for 180 posts in the expansion of access for pre-primary. Further expansion of access is allocated another 140 posts,” the minister said.

Nghipondoka said the 488 posts will be advertised through their respective regional education directorates.

She said in the regions, priority must be given to unemployed qualified teachers.

“The ministry is obliged to adhere to the recruitment process as stipulated in the Recruitment Policy Framework in the Public Service of Namibia, meaning all vacant posts will be advertised in the local print media to give all aspirant graduates an equal opportunity to apply for posts they may qualify for,” she said.

Nghipondoka said graduates will not be placed by the ministry and are encouraged to apply for the posts advertised.

In addition, the ministry will advertise the posts currently filled by temporary teachers.

Advertisements for these posts will run for two weeks to speed up the recruitment process.

Nghipondoka acknowledged the receipt of lists of qualified yet unemployed education graduates which were received through petitioners, regional councils, the Namibia National Teachers’ Union (Nantu) and the Office of the President.

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