Zaka Teacher Fined Five Cattle For Adultery

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The Masvingo Mirror reports that a Zaka teacher, Livingstone Chipato (pictured), was recently ordered to pay a herd of five cattle after a traditional leader concluded that he was bedding another teacher’s wife.

Chipato, who is married, teaches at Dabwa Primary while his mistress, Rumbidzai Nemanhanga – who is also married – teaches at Mushungwa Primary and both schools are in Zaka.

Chipato vehemently denied the allegations at first, but later pleaded guilty after overwhelming evidence, including confession by Nemanhanga, were put before acting Chief Bota.

Kamurai Charuka who is acting Chief Bota confirmed the case and told The Mirror that he gave his verdict in the presence of a horde of relatives that had accompanied Chipato to court.

“I presided over the matter. Chipato initially denied the allegations but pleaded guilty due to overwhelming evidence. The court found Chipato guilty of adultery and ordered him to pay five beasts.

“The wife apologised and co-operated with the court leading to the conviction of Chipato who came to the court with relatives,” said Chief Bota.
The aggrieved husband, Alec Makundidze, is a teacher at Chimbwembwe Secondary.

Makundidze said he was no longer interested to talk about the case, which was resolved at the chief’s court when The Mirror sought his comment. He also said there was no need for the issue to be published since this would reduce the moral standing of other individuals in the community. Chipato confessed ignorance about the case but later asked The Mirror reporter about the benefit of publishing people’s personal matters in newspapers. He urged the reporter to visit him for more information.

Sources said that the two adulterers had been in love for three months and they would see each other in the bushes along the Zaka – Jerera road. It is alleged that Chipato would buy groceries for Nemanhanga.

The mischief came out after a tip-off to Makundidze who later went through his wife`s cell-phone and found text messages between the two lovebirds.

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