Zambian Teacher Carries Child on Her Back


By Saboi Imboela in Solwezi

“To be a teacher in rural Zambia you really need to love what you do and be passionate about the children you teach”.

“I was so touched yesterday when I found this teacher, Chisanga Zulu, of Kifubwa teaching with a baby on the back on behalf of one of the pupils.”

“The girl çhild who’s been missing school a lot was followed home to find out why she missed school a lot and it was discovered that her mother leaves her with all her younger brothers and sisters to look after so she can’t continue with school.”

“The headmaster told her to allow the pupil to be coming with her brother. So when she’s at school, the teacher is the one that actually puts the baby on the back so that this Grade 6 girl can learn properly.”

“Such teachers and headmasters are the real heroes that this country has. May God bless these two people and meet them at their points of need.”

–Zambian Eye

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